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Knobstone Hiking Trail Association

Winter 2021

Dear Hikers

Many thanks for expressing interest in the Knobstone Trail.  The original KT was constructed about 40 years ago covering the area between Deam Lake in the Clark County State Forest to Spurgeon Hollow and/or Dealney Park in the Jackson County State Forest.  I’d like to make your aware of some other hiking opportunities to the North of the KT that offer the hope of a continuous hike from Deam Lake to the Morgan Monroe State Forest near Martinsville IN.

In June of 2018 we blazed the Pioneer Trail which begins on the county road at the Northern Terminus of the KT.  It follows roads and private easement trails all the way to the Hoosier National Forest just North of Highway 58.   Also, in the Spring of 2018 the Hoosier National Forest entered into a memorandum of understanding with the KHTA which allows for a 28 mile route on Multi-use Trail through the HNF.   In the Fall of 2018 the road walk of this section was blazed and marked with carsonite posts.  Over the summer we have marked the approximately 24 miles of trail in the HNF marked.  The Northern Terminus of this section is at the boundary of the HNF and the Yellowwood State Forest.  Currently there is a 0.3 mile bushwhack down to the Southern Terminus of the Tecumseh Trail.  In due time a connecting trail will be built.  At this intersection it is possible to make connections to Brown County State Park by continuing North East on the BC - D Trail

The Tecumseh Trail winds its way North for 40+ miles through Brown, Monroe, and Morgan Counties.  It’s Northern Terminus is in the center of Morgan Monroe State Forest.  It is well designed with only a few brief road walks.

Together these trails comprise a greater KT of 154 miles in length.  As private easements are obtained and hopefully permission to move sections off of roads to state property it will grow in length.  It is our hope to reach the outskirts of Martinsville where we are just completing a private easement up to state land.

For further info on the original KT there is the book - A Guide To the Knobstone Trail: Indiana's Longest Footpath - Kindle $9.99 Paperback $21.72.


For detailed info on the Tecumseh go to where you can order a copy of the Tecumseh Trail Map for $5.

You can download further info of the Tecumseh GPS Track File & Points of Interests Files at -


As of January 3, 2021 a 2021 version of the  Data Book, Map & Guide Set, Town Guide, and GPX File is now available for the entire 154  mile KHT on the resource page of this website.  These can be downloaded for free.  These contain info on resupply, camping, hotel accommodations, and a variety of other interests to hikers.  This is a work in process.  Your suggestions are welcome.


When blazing the KHT we have followed the AT custom of white stripes for the main trail with blue stripes for side trips for resupply/water etc.  (Double stripes indicate a turn or intersection.)  In the Hoosier NF closely follow the maps and the map description.  There are a great number of trails and intersections in this section.  So, take great care at intersections to make sure you are on track.  

It is important to remember that,  like the AT, the KHT is a synthesis of old and new trails.  The KHT brings together many trails and organizations working for the good of all people and communities up and down the trail corridor.


As you hike any of these four trails, we urge you to give us feedback to help us address issues and make improvements. Feel free to contact me personally at or by cell at 502-262-6829.


Have a great hike!


Steve Schaftlein

KHTA Vice Preisdent and Coordinator of the KHTA Store and Adopters

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